Lunes, 23 de Julio de 2018
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Cuban passports. (EFE)
Jorge Enrique Rodríguez | La Habana

A political question? A business? Part of the obsession with control? In any case, it does not seem that the Government is willing to change its policy.

A session of the Sao Paulo Forum in Havana. On the right, a flag of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, presided over by Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega. (RADIO MORON)
Armando Chaguaceda | Ciudad de México

At the Sao Paulo Forum in Havana left-wing democrats cooperate in a 'civilized' manner with despotism, condoning the crimes of Daniel Ortega.

Meeting of the commission to revise the Constitution, headed by Raúl Castro. (GRANMA)
DDC | Madrid

The preview published by the government combines irreconcilable opposites, and leaves many questions unanswered, in the midst of all the opacity.

A freelance saleswoman in Havana. (BABALU BLOG)
Orlando Freire Santana | La Habana

In the midst of uncertainty, it is evident that the changes seek to avert the 'concentration of wealth'.

May Day parade, Revolution Square, Havana. (RADIO METROPOLITANA)
Roberto Álvarez Quiñones | Los Ángeles

This data should be pointed to by Cubans in their struggle for their rights and freedom.

Advertising for the series 'El Señor de los Cielos'. (LA REPÚBLICA)
Antonio Rodríguez Paz | La Habana | 2

State Security deletes from the 'Paquete Semanal' references in the series to the Castros' involvement in drug trafficking.

Ariel Ruiz Urquiola. (B. GONZÁLEZ ARENAS)
Boris González Arenas | La Habana

His thirst and hunger strike forced the regime to grant him a furlough. He explains all the details in this interview.

Antón Arrufat on Amaury Pérez Vidal's TV program. (CUBADEBATE)
Antonio José Ponte | Madrid

The two writers make their public appearance as the president and general secretary of a PEN Cuba.

Young people on El Malecón in Havana. (PBASE)
Gerónimo García | La Habana

Young people and adolescents are those most affected.

Delegates at the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, held in Havana in April, 2016. (XINHUA)
DDC | Madrid

The responsibility for the deaths in the plane crash and for the telecommunications failures are attributable to the entity behind both monopolies, and the whole country: the Communist Party of Cuba.

Bloody shirts. (DDC)
DDC | La Habana

This is the museum at which State Security presents its version of "terrorism against Cuba."

Miguel Díaz-Canel before a Hugo Chávez sign. (TAL CUAL)
Miguel Sales | Málaga

Closely overseen by Raúl Castro and the Communist Party, Díaz-Canel will govern, increasingly vulnerable to the Venezuelan economic crisis and US policy.

Cuban soccer fans gathered at the 1830 restaurant. (B. L. CABRERA)
Boris Luis Cabrera | Madrid

In Cuba it is easier to get a foreign soccer team’s t-shirt than one of a local baseball team, admits a popular TV show host.

A freelance barber, Havana. (MARTINOTICIAS)
Roberto Álvarez Quiñones | Los Ángeles

Given the devastation wrought by 'el chavismo' in Venezuela, and Cuba's consequent dependence on remittances from the US, sooner than later it will have to permit more self-employment, and open up to the private sector.

A little league game. (ISLA LOCAL)
Uniforms for children. (B. L. CABRERA)
Boris Luis Cabrera | La Habana

A uniform: $40 USD. A glove: 25. 'Many children stop coming because their parents can't afford it,' laments one mother.

One of the rooms at the Memorial de la Denuncia is dedicated to State terrorism. (C. GARCIA CASAÑAS-CUBADEBATE)
Antonio José Ponte | Madrid

If Castroism's police archives do not survive, the Memorial de la Denuncia (Condemnation Museum), formerly the Museum of the Interior Ministry, will remain standing and usable.

Phrase written on the facade of Iris María Mariño's house. (FACEBOOK)
Inalkis Rodríguez Lora. (FACEBOOK)
DDC | Camagüey | 1

This time Inalkis Rodríguez Lora was cited for an alleged accusation leveled by the Office of the Historian of Camagüey for 'damaging public facilities' adornments

Journalist Osmel Ramírez Álvarez. (DDC)
DDC | Holguín

The DIARIO DE CUBA journalist remains detained and held incommunicado.

Images from the series Dope, on Netflix.
Vidal Romero. (MUNDO ITAM)
Pablo Díaz Espí | Madrid

Vidal Romero has overseen a study on the present and future of security and illegality on the Island. In this interview he issues some distressing conclusions.

Journalist Osmel Ramírez Álvarez. (DDC)
DDC | Holguín

State Security agents arrested DDC journalist Osmel Ramírez and assured him that he would be in a cell until Friday.