Martes, 18 de Junio de 2019
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UNPACU suffers at least 13 raids on homes in 48 hours, in addition to thefts and arrests

Fences set up by police to prevent access to UNPACU headquarters in Santiago de Cuba. (UNPACU / YOUTUBE)

In the last 48 hours regime forces have carried out raids on the homes of at least 13 human rights activists, reported the Coordinator of the National Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), José Daniel Ferrer, on his Twitter account.

The opposition leader indicated that in Palmarito de Cauto, Santiago de Cuba, activist Luis Enrique Isaac Morales was “arrested after they stormed his home.” In the same Santiago municipality the homes of Maidolis Oribe, Edilkis León, Moraima Díaz and Belkis Cantillo suffered the same fate.

The latter two activists were also arrested at a police station in Palma Soriano, said Ferrer.

The National Coordinator stated that the crackdown against the organization was ongoing, and that officials were seizing everything they could get their hands on.

In Santiago de Cuba the political police "arrested dissident José Antonio López Piña as he was taking ... food supplies to the city." "The tyranny also stole 8,000 pesos in foodstuffs from entrepreneur David Fernández Cardoso, a former political prisoner from the UNPACU," he added.

Activist Katherine Mojena Hernández was also detained when leaving a Western Union agency, he reported. “The tyranny is trying to subjugate members of #UNPACU by starving them,” he wrote.

He stated that several other activists with the organization remained in custody.

This Wednesday Vladimir Martín Castellanos spent 11 days on a hunger strike. José Daniel Ferrer informed DIARIO DE CUBA that the activist did so to denounce the 14 arrests that he has suffered by State Security forces and the police to prevent him from reaching Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.

Ferrer stated that “a year ago Martín Castellanos went to Puerto Padre, on UNPACU business, to take charge of coordination in the province,” replacing the person previously occupying this post, who had been incarcerated by the regime.

“There he began a romantic relationship with an activist. He considers Puerto Padre home now, but the Police there impede him from getting there,” he explained.

Mari Carmen Aponte, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America, expressed her concern in response to the repressive actions unleashed against the Patriotic Union of Cuba since last Sunday.

“Reports of arrests of #UNPACU members in #Cuba are distressing. We call for respect for the freedom of expression and association,” Aponte wrote on her Twitter account.

In October the US official headed up the US Government delegation at the second round of human rights talks with the regime in Havana.