Miércoles, 19 de Junio de 2019
Última actualización: 12:23 CEST

A Visit by State Security

The journalist and writer Rogelio Fabio Hurtado.

This Monday a young State Security agent showed up at my house. He said his name was Antoine, like the character from Los 400 golpes by Truffaut. I put his presence down to my recent article published in DIARIO DE CUBA and, above all, the comment suggesting that I might end up paying for it.

Then I sat down in front of him, prepared for our discussion. He said that we were going to talk cordially, that they were going to take an interest in our needs. His tone was convincing. I was dealing with a "good cop."

I complained about never receiving a political response to my proposals. He said that that was why he was there, so that I could present my arguments. I replied that he was a police officer. He reiterated his willingness to listen to me. He said that he had read some of my articles in Primavera Digital andthat, although he did not agree with my opinions, I did not lie.

To sum up my demands, I told him that they should officially recognize a respect for civil and political rights and be willing to hear different views about Cuban issues. In this way the Government could take advantage of the current juncture to adopt a new stance.

Appearing at my house, like every Monday, was my friend and colleague "Mackandal", who spoke excitedly during our dialogue, about the subject of racial discrimination. The young man, a very fair mulatto, said that he had never suffered it. "Or you didn´t realize it," answered Macka.

Maintaining his cordial tone, he talked a little more and took his leave, announcing that he would be back. I told him that I was almost always there.

As he left, my colleague concluded that that his visit meant that they were going to legalize the independent press.

I, on the other hand, was really concerned. It had been years since they had paid me a visit, I could not figure out the reasons for this one, and I was unable to detect the threatening undertones normally characterizing them. I found my friend Mackandal's deduction desirable, but hasty.

As the sun set, I decided to prepare a series of articles entitled "Observations from the sidelines" to set forth my views in detail and transmit them to the Government through their messenger Antoine. The first of them will be about the currently obsolete nature of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

I took some notes on this, but when I got up today I decided to write about Antoine's visit first, lest this be a Golpe 401, like Guillermo Cabrera Infante would have thought.