Martes, 23 de Julio de 2019
Última actualización: 16:23 CEST

Editorial: Diplomatic Impudence and Political Prisoners

Cuban diplomats during the session on the island's political prisoners. (REUTERS)

"In our country there have been no political prisoners since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959," states the most recent statement put out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba (MINREX), in response to the session backed by the U.S. government at the UN seeking the release of Cuban political prisoners.

It is impossible for a country to be governed by the same family for more than half a century (now with Miguel Díaz-Canel as its puppet president), and for almost half a century only one political party to be allowed, and for no political prisoners to exist during all this time. 

To issue lies of this caliber, a ministry must enjoy an exclusively pro-government press. That is, one of mere minions.

The apprehension of Cuban diplomats at the UN, which devolved into impudence and violence, demonstrates its inability to debate and discuss. The statement published later by the MINREX is rife with accusations against US foreign and domestic policy. Why are the regime's diplomats incapable of devoting themselves, on this and other occasions, to rebutting other people's actual arguments, and supporting their own? 

Fear, of course, and ineptitude, and because they would not know how to counter their opponents’ arguments.

It is this fear and incapacity that renders the regime dependent on a servile press, screaming diplomats, acts of denial, and political prisons.