Viernes, 26 de Abril de 2019
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Obama aparece en un programa de humor de la televisión cubana

El presidente Obama apareció en un vídeo del popular comediante Pánfilo.

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Panfilo es el mejor de Cuba, INDUDABLEMENTE.... 

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Mr. President, we would also wish that you pay atention to freedom and human rights in Cuba, besides to talk with Mr. Pánfilo and your interest in improving American business in Cuba. By the way, would you and Michelle visit to Ladies in White in Santa Rita Church?, would you pray in Havana Cathedral for our freedom (as a west nation) and the end of Cuban dictatorship?, would you ask sincerity in his words and actitude to Cardinal Ortega (friend of Castro brothers)?, would you visit a poor Cuban family in Middle Havana for drinking a poor coffe with (if they could have it) them?, would you visit poor towns in other Cuban provinces (states)?, would you visit some of our political prisoner in a Cuban prison?, would you and Micelle visit a poor schooll in Cuba?, would you visit poor towns in Havana and not 5th Avenue (in Miramar) only?, could you ask to Castro brothers that you wish to speak to Cuban People in the Civic (Martí) Square in Havana and not in a theatre?, you aren't an opera singer. Probably you will repeat again in Cuba that you wish the end of many things, but can you ask openly in your speech the end of Cuban dictatorship, because Cubans did not vote freely for it? We need Americans in Cuba, but with freedom. We need Americans in Cuba, but not only for business on their own. We need that you speak clearly that Castro must abandom Cuban goverment, then, we will think that this was an important visit if not you will be only other touris more in Cuba.

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